Course 02: Housing

There is a huge variety of reptile housing and enclosures available. The enclosure is often the first item purchased as it created the foundation and frame (and walls and roof!) for a pet's habitat. All other materials used for setting up a reptile habitat will be based on the enclosure. This course will show you many of the enclosure styles to choose from and will teach you how to help customers choose the best housing for their pets.

Module 1 Intro to Reptile Housing
Unit 1 Reptile Housing
Module 2 Arboreal Housing
Unit 1 Arboreal Housing
Unit 2 Glass Arboreal Housing
Unit 3 Screen Arboreal Housing
Module 3 Terrestrial housing
Unit 1 Terrestrial Housing
Unit 2 Terrestrial housing - tanks and species
Module 4 Outdoors
Unit 1 Outdoor Housing
Module 5 Aquatic Housing
Unit 1 Aquatic