Zoo Med Repitle Care Basics Training Course

Course 01: Intro to Zoo Med University
Welcome to Zoo Med University! This course is and Introduction to Zoo Med University and what you can expect to learn. When you have completed all of these courses you should feel confident in providing reptile care advice to friends, colleagues, and customers. Good luck and thank you for choosing ZMU!
Module 1 Welcome
Welcome to Zoo Med University! In the world of reptile keeping, there is an endless amount of knowledge and learning to be done. At times, we know that this can become overwhelming - especially for beginners. The goal of Zoo Med University is to provide a base of information to help reptile keepers and store associates make the best, informed decisions in regards to caring for pet reptiles.
Unit 1 Welcome
Unit 2 Contents
Unit 3 Incentives
Module 2 About Zoo Med
This module covers the history and philosophy of Zoo Med Labs. Learn about the people and animals behind the scenes at Zoo Med Labs and why Zoo Med is your clear choice for reptile care supplies.
Unit 1 40 Years of Zoo Med
Unit 2 Zoo Med's Animals
Unit 3 Zoo Med Manufacturing and Social Media