Zoo Med Heating Training Course

Course 04: Heating
Reptiles are ectothermic and rely on environmental heat to regulate their body temperature. This course will help you understand the importance of habitat temperatures as well as methods of creating and maintaining proper thermal gradients in reptile habitats.
Module 1 Intro to reptile Heating
One of the most important parts of keeping a healthy reptile is maintaining the proper temperature. Learn why reptiles need heat and how to establish a thermal gradient.
Unit 1 Intro to Reptile Heating
Module 2 Monitoring and Controlling Heat
Monitoring and controlling habitat temperatures is very important and a sometimes overlooked aspect of keeping pet reptiles. Learn what products can help monitor temperatures and how to put them into use.
Unit 1 Temperature Monitoring and Control
Unit 2 Temperature Monitoring Products
Unit 3 Temperature Control Products
Module 3 Nighttime and 24 Hour Heat
There are many different ways to provide night time and 24 hour heat for pet reptiles. In this module, you will learn the difference between daytime heat and night time or 24 hour heat sources, how to apply a night time temperature drop, and what products can help keep pet reptiles at the right temperature at all times.
Unit 1 Nighttime Heating
Unit 2 Nighttime and 24 Hour Heating Products - Heat Lamps
Unit 3 Nighttime and 24 Hour Heating Products - Under Tank Heater and Heat Cable
Unit 4 Other 24 Hour Heat Products
Module 4 Daytime and Basking Heat
Daytime heat may or may not be accompanied by visible light. This is what generally sets it apart from night time and 24 hour heat. In this module, you will learn about the importance of basking and the items that can be used to provide daytime and basking heat.
Unit 1 Daytime and Basking Heating
Unit 2 Daytime Heating and Basking Products
Module 5 Belly Heat
Belly heat is a common topic and can benefit digestion and thermoregulation in many reptiles. Here, learn what "Belly Heat" is and how you can safely provide it for pet reptiles.
Unit 1 Belly Heat
Unit 2 Belly Heat Products
Unit 3 Heating Final