Zoo Med Substrates Training Course

Course 05: Substrates
Substrate makes up the base of any reptile habitat, but also can influence many other aspects of the habitat and animal care. Choosing the right substrate can help keepers create proper environments for pet reptiles, In this course you will learn the properties of different substrates and how to make recommendations for customers.
Module 1 Intro to Substrates
Substrate is the base layer in any reptile terrarium or habitat. There is a huge variety of substrates available and choosing the best substrate is the first step to creating a healthy habitat in your chosen enclosure. Substrates can provide many different qualities for pets. In this module, learn substrate properties and how to choose and recommend appropriate subustrates.
Unit 1 Intro to Substrates
Module 2 Tropical Susbtrates
Tropical habitats are characterized by their warm, humid climates. [Natural Tropical Habitat] Tropical habitats may include terrariums, vivariums, and palidariums. Learn the properties of "tropical" substrates and products available.
Unit 1 Tropical Substrate - Properties
Unit 2 Tropical Substrates - Products
Module 3 Desert Substrates
Deserts are often dry areas with little moisture and humidity.  Some substrates are perfect for creating these dry, desert habitats for the species that are naturally found in these zones. Learn the properties of "Desert" substrates and products available.
Unit 1 Desert Substrates - Properties
Unit 2 Desert Substrates - Products
Module 4 Aquatic Substrates
There are a few different options for substrates in Aquatic Reptile and Amphibian Habitats. Learn the options and considerations for choosing an aquatic substrate
Unit 1 Aquatic Substrates - Properties
Unit 2 Aquatic Substrates - Products
Module 5 Substrates and Impaction
One issue occasionally experienced by reptile keepers is a condition called impaction. There are many views surrounding the causes, treatment, and prevention of impaction in captive reptiles. There are a tremendous amount of opinions on this subject held by passionate keepers, and we seek to dispel some of the myths, and address the true issues at hand surrounding impaction.
Unit 1 Impaction
Module 6 Other Substrate Options
Alternative substrates, such as carpets, provide some unique benefits and are sometimes the best choice for certain animals. Substrate toppers and mosses can be used on top of substrates, in hides to create humidity shelters, or as a base substrate.
Unit 1 Other Substrate Options
Unit 2 Substrate Toppers / Mosses