Course 04: Heating

Reptiles are ectothermic and rely on environmental heat to regulate their body temperature. This course will help you understand the importance of habitat temperatures as well as methods of creating and maintaining proper thermal gradients in reptile habitats.

Module 1 Intro to reptile Heating
Unit 1 Intro to Reptile Heating
Module 2 Monitoring and Controlling Heat
Unit 1 Temperature Monitoring and Control
Unit 2 Temperature Monitoring Products
Unit 3 Temperature Control Products
Module 3 Nighttime and 24 Hour Heat
Unit 1 Nighttime Heating
Unit 2 Nighttime and 24 Hour Heating Products - Heat Lamps
Unit 3 Nighttime and 24 Hour Heating Products - Under Tank Heater and Heat Cable
Unit 4 Other 24 Hour Heat Products
Module 4 Daytime and Basking Heat
Unit 1 Daytime and Basking Heating
Unit 2 Daytime Heating and Basking Products
Module 5 Belly Heat
Unit 1 Belly Heat
Unit 2 Belly Heat Products
Unit 3 Heating Final