Course 01: Intro to Zoo Med University

Welcome to Zoo Med University! This course is and Introduction to Zoo Med University and what you can expect to learn. When you have completed all of these courses you should feel confident in providing reptile care advice to friends, colleagues, and customers. Good luck and thank you for choosing ZMU!

Course 02: Housing

There is a huge variety of reptile housing and enclosures available. The enclosure is often the first item purchased as it created the foundation and frame (and walls and roof!) for a pet's habitat. All other materials used for setting up a reptile habitat will be based on the enclosure. This course will show you many of the enclosure styles to choose from and will teach you how to help customers choose the best housing for their pets.

Course 03: Lighting

Lighting is an essential part of reptile keeping, but can get confusing. This course will help you understand the various aspects of reptile lighting, their importance, and how to choose what lighting options are most suitable for each animal.

Course 04: Heating

Reptiles are ectothermic and rely on environmental heat to regulate their body temperature. This course will help you understand the importance of habitat temperatures as well as methods of creating and maintaining proper thermal gradients in reptile habitats.

Course 05: Substrates

Substrate makes up the base of any reptile habitat, but also can influence many other aspects of the habitat and animal care. Choosing the right substrate can help keepers create proper environments for pet reptiles, In this course you will learn the properties of different substrates and how to make recommendations for customers.

Course 06: Humidity

Humidity is a sometimes overlooked aspect of reptile keeping. In this course, you will learn what humidity is, why it is important, and methods and products for influencing and monitoring habitat humidity.

Course 07: Nutrition

With all of the food products out there, how do you know which is the most appropriate for an animal? There are several factors that need to be considered when choosing the best diet, such as life stage, age, natural adaptations, and more. This course will help you understand the difference in nutritional needs, and how to choose the appropriate diet for any animal, including supplementing produce, prey items, and vitamins/minerals.

Bearded Dragon Care

Learn the basics of caring for Bearded Dragons, Pogona vitticeps.